Print and/or Mobile Editions Available for 2012!

What: Chinook Book contains over 400 valuable coupons for organic food and dining, local arts and culture, green home, gardening, travel and recreation, Chinook Book users save hundreds of dollars while exploring our community and supporting local, sustainable businesses.
When: December 1st (Thursday) 50 Chinook Books plus a bunch of “pocket apps” will be available for direct sale at the PTA meeting that night. They will also be available after school, on that same day, at a table for parents to purchase.

Cost: print edition = $20 per/book (AH gets to keep up to 50% depending upon the number of books sold); mobile edition = $10 (AH receives 20% of every purchase)

For more information on Chinook Books, please visit http://sea.chinookbook.net/

For a complete list of coupons available in the 2012 edition.

Any more questions? Please contact Amanda Nokes, AH PTA Fundraiser Chair & Chinook Book Coordinator