Arbor Heights WASL Information

The Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL) is part of the state's ongoing work to improve our public schools and better educate every student for today’s fast-changing, global environment. The WASL is a series of tests that helps make sure our students learn the foundational skills and knowledge that educators, parents and community leaders say are important to their success in life.

Parents are interested in better understanding what the WASL is and how Arbor Heights is doing in its testing. The site contains a lot of good basic information on the WASL. A review of the Arbor Heights Elementary test results can be viewed on this page:

In addition, the Source ( gathers information about attendance, grades, assignments, etc. To view the information, you need to register, then add your child's name and ID. The page has a link for assessments. The WASL scores are there for every year taken.

WASL Practice Work

Here is the Math WASL website. There are many terrific problems to choose from.

Complete sample WASL tests
If you would like to prepare for the WASL, complete sample tests (which look and feel like the real thing) for grades 3-8 are avaliable at this web site from 2006. The answer key is also included as a separate document.

Even more sample WASL test questions
Sample questions and answers from 2001-2008 are provided on this web site. This is a much more comprehensive compilation of almost every single kind of question that has been asked on the WASL. However, the questions and answers are mixed on the same page, so you can't use these like a sample test.