Arbor Heights is an elementary school (K-5) in the Seattle Public Schools. We have approximately 365 students. Arbor Heights is located in an area of Seattle called West Seattle - just a short distance away from beautiful Puget Sound.

The parents at our school are a very active and integral part of the education process at Arbor Heights. The Arbor Heights PTA is a well organized group which benefits the school with proceeds from numerous fund-raisers. Parent volunteers are plentiful, and their contributions include tutoring, fund raising, driving on field trips, grounds maintenance/beautification projects, and more.

The Student Handbook has information that every parent needs to know about Arbor Heights. Included is information on attendance, meals, health, family support, emergencies, communication, and the school rules.

The Seattle School District, at offers more information about our school and others in Seattle. Or give us a call at (206) 252-9250. We look forward to hearing from you!