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Arbor Heights PTA Yahoo! Group (email list)

Receive important notices about Arbor Heights school events and volunteer opportunities. Learn about school district and legislative issues which impact Arbor Heights. Join the Arbor Heights PTA Yahoo Group. An electronic mailing list, calendar, files holder and online discussion site. Stay in touch with PTA issues, event/activity information and other goings on at the school via email with this very active group.

Arbor Heights School Website/ WIKI

Browse through what Arbor Heights has done in the past and what events are currently happening. Check out the Arbor Heights School Website/ WIKI. - or: Our school website/wiki carries in depth content about our school as well as current information from Twitter and Facebook. Become a member and contribute content!

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For more information or to be added to the email list:

• Elise "Lisa" Olson (AHPTA Communications Chair) -, or
• John Christensen (AHPTA Co-President) -